I’ve developed commercial projects as well as hobby projects. All projects are included (along with course related projects) here. – checkout my blog while you're here.
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Mern Dairy

Note taking app which saves your thoughts securely over cloud! a full Note app with instant updates on dashboard using A Custom built CRUD API with nodeJS and expressJS and ReactJS, Redux and Tailwind on the Frontend



News App

Get the latest news right into your screens without ads. full news app with daily updates on live server using A news api and ReactJS and Bootstrap on the frontend implementing lazy loading pagination.



BreastCancer Analysis

The goal was to predict the 'severity' of the cancer by feeding to a Recurrent Neural Network 30 important characteristics(ex: radius_mean, texture_mean, perimeter_mean) variables. The are 30 independent variables (excluding the 'id' column) and one categorical dependent variable 'diagnosis'. I've decided not to perform Exploratory Data Analysis because, the main priority was to build a decent Recurrent Neural Network Classifier to predict the severity of the cancer.

Machine Learning


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